Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ashford Country Spinner. It's about time we had some wool on here......

Lovers of finely-spun yarn look away now.

This is my Ashford Country spinner, with my newly plied Herdwick yarn. Spinning was never really part of my grand plan, but since learning to weave a couple of years ago I haven't been able to find any yarn chunky enough for weaving my rugs, so I just had to spin it myself. I haven't quite got the hang of this spinning lark, but I'm getting there.

Unfortunately, just as learning to spin has been a side-effect of learning to weave, learning to spin has led to me having to take up knitting because my first spinning practices were with fairly fine wools (Blue Faced LeicesterXBeltex, Zwartbles) and it just didn't seem right to make them into rugs. Ho hum. The knitting will be kept to a minimum, I hasten to add. Not that there's anything wrong with knitting, but there just aren't enough hours in a day for all these woolly activities.

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