Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Incredibly, we actually made it to Solfest at the weekend. I say incredibly, because, as anyone who knows me will know, I never go anywhere because I fret about the animals at home. Anyway, the animals all survived and seem none the worse for being abandoned.

Unfortunately we forgot to take a camera, but you can find lots of pictures of Solfest here.

The music was fantastic - Phil and Isaac particularly loved Firetone, Gabriel was so looking forward to Kula Shaker, but after three songs was struggling to keep his eyes open - just a bit too late for tired little boys. Other bands we really enjoyed included the Balkanics, Lo Fi Lung and Francis Rodino.

Such a lovely atmosphere and even the weather was remarkably kind - a few mad downpours resulting in LOTS of mud, but on the whole it was all pretty benign. Excellent weekend!

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  1. Glad you had a good weekend - I know what you mean about the animals - ours mean that we can never venture very far away, and we have rather a lot of foxes on the lookout for hens that haven't been shut up!

    Pomona x