Sunday, 7 March 2010

Life, the Universe and Everything...... where I'm at just now.  I haven't suddenly acquired a philosophical bent, but today I've reached the age that is the answer to that question.
Despite having achieved a much larger number than I'd like to be confronted with on a daily basis, today should have been a good day, with glorious sunshine and a family eager to make the day a special one.  Instead, today confirmed my conviction that life is utterly random, transient, and has neither meaning nor purpose.  The morning of my birthday saw the death of one of my very, very dearest friends.   So as not to mislead anyone I need to point out that this friend was of a different species.  To me this makes no difference whatsoever - love is love wherever it lands as far as I'm concerned.  To society at large, grief for anything non-human must be buried so as to avoid giving social offence.  Well, at the risk of offending, I am heartbroken.  As for the answer to life, the universe and everything, forty-two seems as sensible as any other.


  1. I am sorry you are heartbroken. Best friends and dear friends do not need to be human, and to loose them is heartbreaking, to some who can't understand (or won't)we must seem slightly made. Personally nearly a year later, having lost my best friend and soul mate, I still find it hard to cope without her.

    Thinking of you.


  2. oh Ellie - unhappy birthday for you then - I am sorry - I wish I had known it was your birthday - can we have a belated tea and scone at the Cafe and you can tell me who has broken your heart?
    42 was a good year for me ... it will be for you too..

  3. My heart sinks everytime I see a labrador as it reminds me of Molly who was with me through some tough times. Like you say, love is love. Tea, cake and some time to remember the happy moments always helped me x

  4. I am still grieving for my little black furry friend, too, and also feeling that I should be able to snap out of it - it was my birthday at the end of last week (although I am much older than you!) and somehow I just wasn't as cheerful as I should have been. I am so sorry that you are in a similar situation, and wish I was close enough to have tea and cake with you, too. Perhaps you can come here for a little holiday, soon - I feel that it has been a long winter, and spring must come soon, and with it hope for the future.

    Pomona x

  5. Thank you - I really appreciate all your kind thoughts.

  6. I am really sorry. I understand completely, I still grieve for my dog who died 5 years ago.