Thursday, 22 July 2010

Felt Making Workshops and Wool Carding.

We have Autumn workshops coming up fast, both here and at Make in Allendale, where I'll be running a course of four feltmaking and other woolly-type days in October and November.
Although, as those of you who know me will be aware, I specialise in natural, undyed wools, we will be using some naturally dyed wools to add a little colour on some of the Make days.  Here's a little dyer's chamomile to whet your appetite.

Katie is running lots of other exciting events at Make, so if wool isn't your thing, then I'm sure you'll find something that is.

For those of you - and I know there are many - with an interest in getting your own fleeces processed I've updated the information on wool carding services.  Here is the tiniest tip of my own iceberg of fleeces waiting to be processed, in what should be one of my bed and breakfast rooms.

If only the weather hadn't been so wet and windy for the past two or three weeks I could have got some of the fleeces sorted and washed or packed and sent away, but my felt making/sorting platform is currently populated only by wayward poultry (shown here in a rare moment of sunshine) and there's no significant improvement in the weather in sight.  In fact I did notice that the temperature is due to drop to freezing tonight.......  It's July!


  1. No not freezing!
    Good luck with the workshops.

  2. oh all those fleeces - isn't it exciting! blast this rainy weather when there are fleeces to dry! All looking very promising for the Master Classes though!!!