Monday, 2 May 2011

"Highlights" in Dent.

Today we went along to the village of Dent to visit the "Meadowsweet" Highlights Contemporary Craft Tour 2011.  Isn't Dent a beautiful place?  Of course, I quickly found some sheep
and we found a magical wishing tree
and a stunning limestone pavement (to which my photography doesn't do justice).
Alas, the Terrible Knitters of Dent are no more, but we did see some of their mind-boggling needle holders in a tea shop.  Plus on the way home we managed to find a fabulous bookshop in nearby Sedburgh.

The Meditation Centre, hosting the Dent leg of the tour, is a beautiful venue, and it all looked lovely, even if I do say so myself.  Here are some images of my own felt work and the work of Allyson Gee and Sarah Mitchell.
Do catch the exhibition if you're out and about in the north.  Check out the venues and dates here.  I think you'll find something to enjoy!

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  1. It all looks absolutely wonderful! And I did try knitting with a needle wedged in my belt once to recreate the Dent knitting style, but it played havoc with my tension!