Saturday, 1 October 2011

Gearing up for the North Pennines Wool Event

The second North Pennines Wool Event is almost upon us (7th and 8th October), and the turnout should be high.  The big worry is the weather, with gales forecast and several events planned for the marquee at 1500 feet.  Tents and gales - an interesting combination!

Anyway we have a fantastic lineup of stallholders (with only British wools!), plus a few exciting wool/sheep related extras (including peg looms, lucets, sheep cards, breed books etc) on the North Pennines Wool Group's sale table.  We also have the daily fleece auctions, which will include Wensleydale, Shetland, Teeswater, Manx Loaghtan, Hebridean and Ryeland fleeces, various demonstrations throughout the two days and the spinning and knitting circle in the yurt at Killhope just a mile down the hill.  Plus, of course, there will be delicious food!  We'll also have the prizegiving for the North Pennines gansey design competition, plus exciting woolly raffle prizes.

On a woolly theme I needed some woolly/sheepy photos so I tried on the dress I made for a recent exhibition (a dress that is ultimately destined for my lovely sister). Unfortunately dresses seem to frighten my sheep, so they were mostly hiding in the distance.  Hmm.

Absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with sheep or wool, but I wanted to share with you this view from my kitchen window.
Talk about wayward chickens!

Incidentally the North Pennines Wool Group now has its own blog, so why not take a look?


  1. Amazing dress!! We're sweltering in the heat here - looks like there might be a little sun with you?

    Pomona x

  2. Why thank you!

    Yes we did had some sun for two or three days, but we also had a strong breeze. Now we're back to the gales - an almost permanent feature for the past five or six weeks. Fingers crossed for the marquee at the North Pennines Wool Event........