Monday, 7 December 2009


The craft fair at Alston was lovely - as always. I came home with two wonderful purchases. Terry made these just for me.
Aren't they splendid? I find buying new shoes very daunting - my last pair of new shoes, which I do still think of as my 'new' shoes, was six and a half years ago and, over such a period of time, they become so very comfortable. In a few years I'll have adjusted to these splendid new shoes, but at the moment they feel very new and shiny. Of course, the other daunting issue for me is that, as a vegetarian, I shouldn't buy leather shoes. The shoes are beautiful and practical and will last me for many years, but in truth I can't even attempt to justify this hypocrisy.
My second purchase posed no such moral dilemma. I wanted a large basket in which to keep my spun yarn and that is precisely what I got!
This basket really is huge - and I love it! It was made by Chris( who, I'm afraid, has no website.
I sold a few bits and pieces, but returned home with plenty of things to add to my shop.
In a few days you will find a variety of hats,

and rugs appearing there.
One hat remains unfinished, having proved itself to be very popular with certain members of the household.

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