Saturday, 26 June 2010

Woolfest, Summer and Make.

Oh, it's been such a busy time recently - open studios, B&Bs, workshops, sheep clipping and so on - but yesterday I took a day out to go to Woolfest.  Haven't been for a couple of years, so it was high time I went again.  I arrived before 10am, didn't leave until almost 6pm, and still only saw a fraction of what there was to see, spoke to only a handful of people and didn't spend nearly enough time with the sheep.  I was asked to take some felty things along to the Grampus fashion shows so it was fun to play a small part.

By the time of the Woolfest weekend, we know that we're officially into summer and, so far, it seems rather like we might actually have a summer.  The first since 2006!  Let's hope so anyway.  

So with summer in mind, here are some summery photos.  My fleeces are beautiful.  

I make no apologies for sounding just a little bit smug here, but wouldn't you just love to get your hands on these?  Clockwise from bottom left they are Blue Faced Leicester, Black Welsh Mountain, Teeswater X Jacob and last, but certainly not least, Wensleydale.

Thankfully the sheep are very patient - we are not the speediest of sheep clippers.  Sometimes we don't finish until 10.30 or 11pm.  Believe me, it isn't easy clipping in the semi-dark, but generally it's the only time we can spare.

And our haymeadow is stunning.
Better have another one of those!

And somewhere out in cyberspace Katie's wonderful new shop, Make,  is now online.  If you haven't yet been to Allen Mills and are able to visit the shop in person get yourself over there.  It's completely unique and happens to be next door to a splendid bakery and opposite an excellent local brewery.  If you can't make it in person, you'll get a tiny taste online.....


  1. and what Ellie has neglected to say is that she will be teaching a series of Felt Masterclasses in the autumn for me - the jewel in my workshop crown!

  2. Word is out that you were terrific at the fashion show, Ellie, and from that pic in your posting I can see why. That's SUCH a cool jacket.