Sunday, 6 June 2010

Felt and chocolate brownies

The Art Tour has begun and here are a few offerings from my own little woolly world.  A few brave souls have ventured into Weardale for an Art Tour first, but we could do with lots more.  

We made lots of brownies and sticky toffee pudding to revitalise weary travellers - although, of course, as everyone knows, we're only fifteen minutes south of Allendale, so just a hop, skip and a jump really.  

Do come to see us, and then why not head over the beautiful Ireshope Moor (the most beautiful road I know), through Harwood Common and Yad Moss, to the other North Pennines cluster members at Ashgill, Garrigill and Alston, before returning via Carrshield and Ninebanks.

So here are a few morsels of my felt work, followed by a few morsels of bliss........
Made from Montezuma's organic chocolate - and very little else................


  1. Hi Ellie, you are def on my list of people to visit on the Art Tour. It makes a nice route from our house to you via John and then onto the Alston lot! Oh and I hope there are some choc brownies when we arrive. Will be nice to see you eventually.

  2. Yes, do come, and there will be brownies!