Sunday, 12 September 2010

Feltmaking Workshop and Bed and Breakfast

I'm afraid general busyness has led to this blog being neglected once more, and this is really just a quick SOS message, on the off-chance that the people concerned might read this.

Firstly I received 2 phone messages - I think from the same person? - wanting to book into the B&B next April, but neither message left a telephone number, so I'm afraid I can't contact you.  All I know is that one message was from someone by the name of Jenny.

Secondly - and this one is my fault entirely - I've misplaced a couple of hastily scribbled phone numbers from people wanting additional feltmaking workshops in the autumn.  There will be two additional workshops here on the smallholding, details to be posted very soon, and there are also workshops at MAKE.

Please, if you're waiting for a phone call or email from me, just get in touch!
Thank you.

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