Monday, 20 February 2012

Tethera, Methera, Tic at The Old Fulling Mill, Museum of Archaeology, Durham

One morning, a couple of weeks ago,walking to the bus stop to meet the school bus, we encountered our trailblazer, Isaac, bike abandoned in the road.  He was peering over a dry stone wall having spotted a heron and a deer.  The heron had flown away, but the deer remained and, being uncharacteristically early, we had the luxury of being able to enjoy a full two or three minutes observing the beautiful creature.  It can be such a wonderful world.

And now, of course, the days are lengthening and spring is just around the corner - an ideal time to walk along the footpath beside the River Wear to the much photographed Old Fulling Mill to visit some wools from Weardale.  Yes, I've been busy making felt again - a very eclectic collection this time.  Lots of new rugs, a yurt (! - more of a squrt actually), hat collection (which I just couldn't resist having received a Guy Morse Brown hat block for Christmas), jewellery collection, a Weardale whisket, even a few sheep, plus a couple of things some of you may have seen before.

Hope to see you there.


  1. Loved the exhibition. It left its mark on me -

  2. I'm sure I shall need a yurt at some point in the future- I'll know where to come! Your grandson demonstrates well.

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