Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Natalie Merchant

Last night we went to the Sage to see Natalie Merchant.  Despite being a fan for more than twenty years this was my first opportunity to see her live.  She was sublime.  Erudite, fascinating, generous are just some of her qualities, to say nothing of her being one of the world's greatest lyricists and possessing such a unique, incredible voice.  She's still in Britain for a few days - catch her if you can!  If you're new to Natalie Merchant, why not start, as I did all those years ago, with 'Blind Man's Zoo' from her 10000 Maniacs days or, perhaps, 'Tigerlily' from her solo days and allow yourself be enchanted........?


  1. Oh I am already enchanted and wish we could have seen her, next time I hope!

  2. Well I thought it was tonight! Anyway, I'm glad you found her sublime, and it was clearly worth the long wait. I'm envious, particularly since it was you who drew my attention to her...

  3. I hope you both get to see her too, although she tours so rarely.......